Your Project Isn’t Complete Until Your Windows Are Sparkling Clean!

Having an add on built on to your existing home or business can be a stressful process. You work hard to stay within budget, you work with multiple contractors, and you make sure your add on satisfies the demands of the local code inspectors.

When the work is done you can finally let out a sigh of relief.

Then you notice…the place looks like a dump! Your yard is littered with debris left behind by the construction crew and the brand-new windows you had installed are covered in smudges, handprints and “energy saver” stickers.

What you need is an experienced, professional window cleaner to step in and do the work for you!

Here, we discuss why you should find the best window cleaner in your area to make the windows in your new add on shine.  

New Construction, Big Mess

Building a new house or getting an add on to your home or business is a rewarding feeling, once the work is done.

Unfortunately, the construction process is usually a messy undertaking with lots of clutter – and dirty windows – to clean up after the work is done. A window washer isn’t something most construction firms have on staff so it will probably be up to the home or business owner to make sure things get tidied up.

You wouldn’t dream of letting weeds grow up around your home or business if you’ve just invested in an add on just as you would not in a million years let garbage pile up out front. So, why would you leave the windows dirty?

A professional window washing service should be one of the final steps in your construction or add-on project. If you’ve gone through the time and expense it takes building or adding on to your home or business, your windows should sparkle like jewels in a crown.


You’ve invested a lot of planning, time and money getting the add on to your home or business perfect. However, your project isn’t complete until your windows are sparkling clean.   

Before choosing a window washing service, look for references. As of this writing, Brite Window Cleaning is Joplin’s best with 30 5-star reviews on google, more than any other window cleaning service in the Joplin area.

Always get the best window cleaner you can afford. Find a window washing service that is customer service oriented and pays attention to detail. You can opt for a national firm like Fish Window Cleaning or a local company like Brite Window Cleaning that can give you more personalized service.

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Written By Lance Montgomery

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